Talyat Consultancy is a consultant House established in 2009, licensed by the General Commercial Registrar of Sudan, license no. (63232). It provides Economic, Financial and Scientific consultancies for both public and private sectors, organizations and individuals locally and globally. We believe that the economic development cannot be achieved without integrated scientific approaches.

Talyat consultant house contributes effectively in promoting the economic and financial performance and enhancing the scientific capabilities, through providing professional and technical studies using the recent analytical and empirical tools of knowledge and technology. Keeping up with the global rise of investments in the intellectual containers, Talyat consultancy provides distinguished scientific and research incubator that contributes to the decision-making and economic performance. In addition, Talyat cooperates with local and international organizations working in the development projects, through presenting professional scientific studies and consultancies on all administrative levels (Centre& States).

Talyat consultancy, presents high innovating and creative consultancies, fulfilling the needs of its clients (corporates, organizations and individuals), with high commitment and efficiency. Effective participation and interaction between Talyat experts and clients, is a mode of providing consultants, which yields great satisfaction among its clients. Elite of experts of high academic and professional qualifications are employed to present the technical and consultancies services for Talyat clients. 

Why Talyat ?